Terms and Conditions


Rental rates include VAT (Value Added Tax) as well as 3rd party insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) which reduces renters liability in case of accident to the excess amount indicated in the table overleaf. In order to waive the excess amount the clients over 25 years of age can purchase SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) which reduces the liability to zero (0).

Tyres, windshield, undercarriage damage, rood damage, oil sump and damaged side view mirrors are not covered by CDW or SCDW and to waive their cost in case of damage one must purchase ADW (Additional Damage Waiver) with costs as per the table overleaf. Theft protection cover (TP) is also offered and this refers to the cost of the car and not any goods or personal belongings transported in the car. Irresponsible behaviour resulting to the theft of the car (leaving the keys on or lending it to someone unauthorized) will result to invalidatation of theft protection cover.

Interior damages (e.g. stains, cigarettes burns) or loss of car parts are not covered by any kind of insurance and the renter is liable for their cost. Any kind of damage caused by improper use of the vehicle, negligent driving, illegal activities or driving under intoxication is also not covered under any circumstances and the renter is liable for all damages.


All car rentals are subject to the full terms and conditions printed on the rental agreement. All car rates include: Full insurance, Collision Damage Waiver with an excess, Unlimited kilometers, Collection at any town, Maintenance, oil and greasing. V.A.T., Local taxes. Exclude: Fuel, Super Collision Damage Waiver, Personal Accident Insurance for drivers, Airport charges, One way fees, Young drivers surcharge, Optional extras.

Driver Requirements: For drivers under 25 years of age who have a full valid driving license under 3 years at the time of rental, we must be advised at the time of booking in order to arrange insurance coverage. Special Request:

Child seats, Roof racks, Navigation systems and other additional items are available on request.

Cars: Cars on display in groups are examples only. The right reserved to substitute alternative car or similar or upgraded type (at no extra cost).

Credit Cards: All major credit cards are excepted. A valid credit card must be presented irrespective of payment method.

Minimum charge: Two days rental cost